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The Langu industrial agriculture complex has 15 years of experience in the cultivation and sales of various sorts of fruits. We planted the first seedlings of fruit trees in our garden back in 2006. Today, we reap a great harvest of local and European varieties of fruits from a land plot spanning 200 hectares. Thanks to the expansion of the territory, we expect a new orchard appear in the nearby area of 100 hectares soon. Langu also owns several artificial irrigation ponds located in the garden. Our sweet fruits rush to your table!


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The government of Azerbaijan pays close attention to the development of the non-oil sector, which is considered one of the economic priorities of the country. The government also plays an instrumental role in the development of agriculture in the country, known for its abundant fertile land resources. Economic development of our republic, including the implementation of several large economic projects, urge for the use of new technologies in such a strategically significant area as agriculture. Intensive horticulture is getting increasingly widespread due to the introduction of modern, cost-effective, and efficient methods of production, which require the use of the specialised equipment. However, the lack of facilities to produce such equipment in Azerbaijan is forcing farmers to purchase it abroad. Therefore, METAK started the manufacture of local agricultural equipment based on its years-long traditions of engineering and moulding.

Our products

In the Langu orchards, we cultivate various varieties of fruits, such as apple, pear, peach, nectarine, cherry, etc. Our fruits are a product of intensive horticulture, free of hazardous chemicals, and bring a lot of lasting pleasure to our customers thanks to their unforgettable taste and freshness.


The office and gardens of the Langu industrial agriculture complex are located in Gusar, near the village of Yeni Hayat.


Langu village, Gusar, Azerbaijan



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